How It Works

We sell balloons individually and the ordering process for them is similar to that of flowers.  Our balloons are available in a large variety of colors and styles that vary week to week. A candy weight is included free of charge with each balloon order, along with ribbon and bag color of your choice!

Mylar Balloons: $3.00 ea.


We typically carry a variety of Happy Birhday, Congratulatory, Good Luck, Get Well Soon, and general purpose mylar balloons. We also carry mylars specifically for 18th and 21st birthdays. 

Latex Balloons: $1.00 ea.


We carry a wide variety of colors of latex balloons.

Often, 3-6 latex balloons are paired with 1-2 mylar balloons in an arrangement.

Jumbo Numbers: $8.00 ea.

Jumbo Number

These 40" balloons are the perfect way to celebrate! We carry them in gold, rose gold, and silver.



We deliver anywhere on Notre Dame's campus for a charge of $5.00 or to St. Mary's or Holy Cross campus for a charge of $7.00. Unfortunately, we do not deliver to off-campus housing.